Chinese Proficiency Test(HSK) Promotion Program

    The college offers long-term and short-term Chinese language proficiency program all year round, including introductory course, beginner's class, intermediate class and advanced class. The study system is flexible, so as students may study according to their own requirements with main purpose of taking HSK. Basic Chinese, intermediate Chinese, advanced Chinese and other courses are offered according to the students' Chinese proficiency to train their listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation abilities.And set up related cultural courses, such as calligraphy, painting, tai chi, tea art and so on.


Foreign students practical  e-commerce skills training course

    The training content includes "basic theory of cross-border e-commerce", "practice of cross-border e-commerce platform", "development and operation strategy of cross-border e-commerce platform" and other courses. At the same time, overseas students will be arranged to onsite training at the relevant companies, an cross-border e-commerce entrepreneurship projects is required to accomplished, so that the students can go through an complete development of e-commerce system. This program will enable the students continue to engage in cross-border e-commerce business after graduation and return to their motherland.

Chinese higher education diploma program

    The college is granted by Chinese government to intake foreign students to study in China for higher education. Now we offeringhas four higer diploma programs for foreign students.
Department The name of the majors
Department of foreign trade The electronic commerce
International business
Tourism management
Life and health nursing

(duration of study: three years)